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A Mediterranean Paradise

You shall not be able to return back from the tiny town of Kalkan fascinating by the magnificent history and nature of the Mediterranean, without being fascinated. 

The town with a wonderful nature is especially flocked by the British, it even has a settled British population. The famous historian Herodotus used this expression about Kalkan: “The place closest to the stars on the earth”. It was always at the forefront due to its strategic location during many civilizations and for this reason its historical places are many. It hosted many civilizations from the Hittites to the Lydians, the Romans to the Ottomans. It is said that this town was founded by the merchants coming from the Meis Island, 150-200 years ago. 

Kalkan, where water and nature sports are practiced in abundance, is a place where people from all sections can find something for themselves. You can wander its streets dominated by typical Mediterranean architecture and enjoy its natural beauties. You can also find the opportunity to meet with extincting water turtles, i.e. “Caretta Carettas” under protection.

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