Beaches in and around Kas


Kaputas Beach:

When you see the sea and golden sands of Kaputas beach on the Kalkan-Kas highway where shades of blue, green and yellow are intertwined, you can think of it as a Photoshop trick. But when you look at Kaputas beach from above, you shall see that it is real and you shall be fascinated. After descending the staircase consisting of 187 steps, you can dive into the cool and turquoise water as the water is coming from the canyon and flowing down below the ground, gliding through the sands on the sea shore.

Buyuk Cakıl Beach:

Buyuk Cakıl Beach, hidden in the unique nature of Antalya, is located 1,750 meters east of Kas district. The beach, which is approximately 50 meters long, shall attract you with its transparent water and holiday fragrance permeated in the air. In the hottest weather, you cannot enjoy cooling as you do in Buyuk Cakıl Beach in many places; as the water is cold due to the spring coming out of the sea. A fun and relaxed holiday awaits you with the atmosphere of a green nature and inviting turquoise water. Buyuk Cakıl Beach shall take away the fatigue of the year with its fantastic atmosphere. You shall just enjoy refreshing your soul.



Kucuk Cakıl Beach:

Kas Kucuk Cakıl Beach is very close to the centre. It may even be the best beach to go on foot. After going up the slope next to the Mavi Bar, you can go down to the beach in 5 minutes. Küçükçakıl Beach, on the left at the exit of the harbour, is quite clean and there are many restaurants around it. Enjoying the sea and the sun on a pleasant day shall definitely be a feeling that shall is not exchangeable with anything. Do not forget to visit the historical ruins in Antalya while spending your summer holiday in Kucuk Cakıl Beach.



Kamalar Beach:  

This quiet and clean beach, in the Kamalar bay, is another favourite place of the holiday-makers.


Kısla Bay Beach: 

Kısla bay Beach, where Patara Houses are located across Kalkan Bay, provides services for beach, restaurant and sea entertainment.


Fırnaz Bay: 

The land transportation to Fırnaz Bay, which is one of the stops of blue voyages, is a bit troublesome as its road is under protection, but it is a place where you can easily see the turquoise waters and the bottom of the sea like an aquarium. You can take a mud bath with the mud in the bay which is believed to rejuvenate people.



Kalkan Public Beach: 

In Turkey, your chances of swimming in the sea from such a beautiful beach in the city centre may be very small. The public beach with a river boiling under the sea and carrying cold water from the mountains is free, clean and an important beach in the city centre. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach if you wish.


Patara Beach:

Patara Beach, one of the ones that Antalya offers to its holidaymakers, is also one of the 15 most beautiful beaches of our country. The beach, which is close to Kaş and Kalkan like Kaputaş Beach, has not been promoted much, although it is a world-class one. At the same time, Patara Ancient City is located near the beach. There are sets between the beach and the ancient city to prevent sand dunes. The beach is under protection as it is among the places where sea turtles entrust their eggs.

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