Hygienic Vacation Option During Corona Period


Don't Get Lost in Crowds on Vacation

Epidemic likes crowded places. Although it is desired to provide hygiene in crowded places, it is not possible. This is a serious problem, especially for children, babies and the elderly. This is exactly the problem with hotels, which are among the most preferred accommodation places of holiday destinations: Crowded and involuntary contact. Apart from open buffets, lobby with common areas or other hotel-owned businesses, it is not possible for handrails, buttons in elevators, door handles, carpets stretching along the corridors to be hygienic, to remain in contact and not to carry all these to your room.

Despite all this, a safe accommodation where you can stay away from diseases is of course possible: Villa rental. By renting a villa, you stay away from the hotel crowd. The doors of the villa you rented unintentionally are not opened to any foreigner during the rental period. In this way, you can enjoy a safe and privacy holiday with your loved ones.

The Safest Holiday in the Epidemic is Lived by Renting a Villa

The villa rental option is the most comfortable way to avoid involuntary contact. Whether duplex, triplex or single-storey villas, they are only for you during your rental period. Your hygiene problem in hotels or other crowded places will not be in your own rental villa.

Of course, reducing the contact by renting a villa does not mean that you are completely protected from the epidemic. This situation is the natural result of renting a villa. As the Rent Your Home family, there are strict hygiene rules and precautions to protect the health of our guests. Some measures are taken for each villa rented. These:

Villas are cleaned thoroughly after every guest check-out.

After cleaning the villa, disinfection works are carried out.

Disinfection for the villa is preferred from anti-allergic drugs that do not harm human health.

Villa cleaning is done right after the guests leave. If the house is not used immediately, the same procedures are repeated again close to the use of the house.

The garden of the villa is cleaned in the morning while the guests are in it, without any disturbance. The same applies to pool cleaning if there is a pool.

If the villa has features such as jacuzzi and sauna, a separate cleaning procedure is applied outside the home for these areas.

In the corona epidemic, the Rent Your Home family, so that you do not stay behind from life, applies all these hygiene rules and promises you a safe and healthy holiday.

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