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Cerciler Villas

The Çerçiler region, connected to the Kaş region, attracts attention with an irresistible nature and sea view. Villa holiday, which is the trendy holiday option of recent times, actually allows families and couples to spend time away from stress. However, Çerçiler villas are only 4 km away from Kaş centre. So you can go to Kaş in your spare time, shop or meet your special needs.

Çerçiler Honeymoon Villas

Those who want to stay in Çerçiler should definitely prefer large and luxurious villas with pools. As our guests who face nature and sea views can have a great time in this region on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Recently, special opportunities are offered to honeymoon couples in Çerçiler villas, which are preferred by both local and foreign tourists. It should not be forgotten that the villas, which are indispensable for those who want to collect their special memories during their holiday, are always offered at affordable prices.

Çerçiler Conservative Villa Rental

Conservative families look for alternatives instead of staying at the hotel. Among these alternatives, there is also the Çerçiler region in Kaş district of Antalya. Families can spend time in the garden and terrace while enjoying the pool in the villas specially allocated to them. Conservative families can also access every tool and equipment they look for in villas designed with luxurious furniture. Services and equipment provided in these villas are listed as;

·        + TV

·        +  Internet

·        + Jacuzzi

·        + Sauna

·        +  Bathroom and toilet

·        + Terrace and garden

·        + All kitchen equipments

·        + All garden tools and equipments.


Guests staying in Çerçiler district can spend their time peacefully in luxurious villas and visit Kaş whenever they want. In addition, the sea and nature view in this region is also very beautiful. While you can reach the comfort you are looking for in Çerçiler villas, which are offered with much more affordable options than hotel prices, you can also experience the happiness of doing the social activity you want.

Antalya is in the first place among our regions where the villa holiday is most beautiful. Consequently, many tourists from abroad continue to have a villa holiday in summer and winter. While crowded families can rent villas that can accommodate up to 8 people during the reservation process, they can also choose villas with private sheltered pools for 2, 4 and 6 people.

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