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Villa Peninsula Gardens

Guets 8 / Bedrooms 4 / Bath 4

Villa Peninsula Gardens

£4799 - £6898 Weekly

Yarımada, Kaş

Peninsula Villas

Located at the tip of the peninsula, extending to the south of Kaş and reaching a length of 547 km, Peninsula is one of the world-famous places in the peninsula category. This town, which has a different atmosphere, has the feature of a perfectly created peninsula with its endless view of the sea. Located 547 kilometres from Kaş district, this town with excellent landscape features is reached by Beyhan Cenkçi street. When this street reaches the shore, it reaches Kaş again by making a u-turn.

In the peninsula rental villa options, which are intertwined with nature, and are located at points where there is no transportation problem, there is a fabulous atmosphere. For those who want to enjoy the sea, our luxurious and useful villas with endless sea views, built at high points, are waiting for you. Diving sports, boat tours and many more options await you in this charming town.

Enjoyable Holiday Options
You shall go on vacation, but you cannot decide what to choose. Peninsula rental villa options, which are the choice of professional holidaymakers, bring together the perfect holiday opportunities for you. They have been specially designed in the category of holiday services, enjoying the beach at the sea, enjoying a picnic in the forest, and enjoying the mountains. All our works in the category of peninsula villas have been brought together with a first class service concept. We continue to produce solutions with a practical service concept and continue to bring together the peaceful holiday opportunity for you.

We offer these opportunities to you also during the winter months. Moreover, we bring together the best opportunities with discounted options, heated pools. Luxury, sea view, quiet and calm environment options, special options for the disabled, special options and apartment designs for those with pets in the pet category are at your service for 12 months.

Luxurious and Feasible Options

Our expert staff who brings together all the possibilities for those who want to have a holiday, work with the best service understanding. Services such as housekeeping and honeymoon decor work are carried out on request. In maintenance and repair services, we continue to solve all the necessary repairs without any problems. You can enjoy a conservative (sheltered) holiday with peninsula rental villa services, personalized holiday services.

Unlimited pool pleasure, Jacuzzi options, orthopaedic and new beds, areas where you can sunbathe in the best way, camellias, terraces, balconies and many more options are waiting for you. For those who want to enjoy the evening sun, you can get acquainted with first-class holiday services.

Villas with perfect views

With the updated holiday concept, the new, magnificent and perfect Peninsula villa rental services brought together the features you want in the golden yellow beach, emerald green forests, bead blue sky and clean air category. Enjoy the holiday to the full with Peninsula villa rental services, which is the most important element of professional holiday understanding. Jacuzzi, double toilet preferences for crowded groups are brought together as you wish.

With our company, which always prefers quality in service, you can achieve the quality you want in Peninsula villas services. These fabulous villas, which are evaluated in the rental category, are like a part of a perfect painting. Our villas, which are built close to centres such as provinces, districts, villages and towns, were built for holiday purposes. With large window options for you to watch the view comfortably, balconies and terraces overlooking the landscape, the peninsula villas are specially designed for you to fully experience the perfection of nature.

Whenever you want to travel, there are many natural wonders such as beach, mountain, and forest and so on. Also, if you are interested in historical artefacts, there are many works waiting for you. Ancient theatres and cities and many other natural wonders await you.

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