Cancellation Terms


The pre-payments deposited to the bank accounts owned by the Kalkan Vacation are not returned to the client in the cases where the reservations are cancelled for periods earlier than 30 days. After the payment of an amount equal to 35%, the remaining 65% amount should be delivered in cash to the company staff or the property owner when entering in the property. After the payment of the fee, the agreement shall be read and signed by the client. 

All of the clients may cancel the reservation made before the journey starts. However, such cancelling processes should be made in writing. E-mail option may be preferred for this. Also in case where a cancelling demand is formed, Kalkan Vacation shall collect the costs it assumed in order to not suffer any losses. For this, some calculations shall be made over the total amount determined in the agreement. The following methods shall be used in the calculations: 

+ The amount sent for reserving the property is not returned in any case. 

+ In cancelling proceedings made 30 days before or earlier than the accommodation dates, the client has to pay 35% of the total accommodation fee. 

+ If the cancelling occurs 23-29 days before the accommodation dates, 50% of the determined fee should be paid. 

+ If the cancelling occurs 16-22 days before the accommodation dates, 75% of the determined fee should be paid.

+ If the cancelling occurs 15 days before the accommodation dates or later, 100% of the determined fee should be transferred to Kalkan Vacation.

Though it is up to their initiative, if Kalkan Vacation’s clients have deposited all of the fee but cancel their reservation 30 days before, a portion of this fee equal to 35% shall be hold. The other 65% remaining amount shall be redeposited to the bank account of the client. However, the fees demanded for transfer transaction are withhold from the amount deposited by the client. 

If the reservations made are cancelled on any day between 23 and 29 days before the entrance date to the property, 50% of the deposited amount shall be direct hold. If this period is within 16 and 22 days, the amount hold reaches 75%. And the remaining amount shall be made available to the client in a short while. However again the transfer fees are cut from the returned amount. 

If the reservations made are cancelled 15 days before the start of the accommodation date or later, the client is liable to pay the total agreed fee. The only reason to collect the total fee is it shall be impossible for the firm to re-rent the property in such a short time. Thus it aims to compensate its arising losses. Kalkan Vacation, which also acts as a broker, collects its commission share from the deposited amount in the case of cancelling. 

The reservations may be cancelled by Kalkan Vacation due to different situations. In the case of such cancelling, the clients are informed early. If among the existing villas there is another villa which is available or with similar criteria, the clients are informed about this option. If the client does not like this property and demand the deposited fee, the entire amount shall be returned back to the client. 

Some of the villas at the site has different qualities. For such villas, the deposited amounts shall not be returned back to the client even if the cancelling is made earlier than 30 days. The villas with such qualities are especially stated in the site. Kalkan Vacation kindly recommends our clients to be careful enough to check this. 

If the clients do not make the rest of the agreed payment between the stated dates, Kalkan Vacation has the right to cancel the reservations made. Also there is no restriction for returning the paid fees. Also it may rent such villas to another client. The cancelling proceedings made by phone have no significance and official validity. So all cancelling must be made in writing. Also the demands for cancelling become valid from the date when the demands formed reach Kalkan Vacation. 

Various problems may arise stemming from the fault of the client during the accommodation process. Although this depends on the size of the problems, Kalkan Vacation has the required rights to displace the clients from the property. The amount determined for the agreed time has to be totally transferred to the bank account of Kalkan Vacation company, based on the open declarations of the both parties. The company or company management shall not be held liable for this application method. 100% of the determined and agreed price is collected from the client at the delivery date of the property. Kalkan Vacation reserves all and any of its legal rights during the aforementioned process and using such rights are fully left to the initiative of the firm.