Privacy Policy


Kalkan Vacation does not disclose and share the personal information of its clients to any third persons or organisations in any case, except the cases that are included in the Use Agreement. Kalkan Vacation does not definitely sell the information it obtains to other persons or organisations and does not earn any income over them. Aforementioned personal information expresses the personal information that may define the clients. These are constituted by the phone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses and name-surname information. Kalkan Vacation uses the personal information of the clients and users totally for its own purposes. It needs such information for being able to determine the current client profile and forming statistical tables related with the company. Kalkan Vacation commits to protect the personal information it keeps in the best way and to keep them in safe environments for long terms. The problems stemming from Kalkan Vacation are examineduntilmutual consensus is reached. However, the firm cannot be held responsible in the case that the address suffers any cyberattacks without the knowledge of Kalkan Vacation. The firm management does not accept any responsibility if the clients’ information is stolen as a result of the attack. You may be redirected to various sites when you enter in the address as a result of such attacks. Different information of the users may be also stolen as a result of these alternations. Kalkan Vacation shall not be held responsible in any case due to such problems. As the problem does not stem from the firm and the management, the clients cannot claim any rights over this issue. The IP information of the clients are accessed from time to time by Kalkan Vacation. The general purpose of collecting the IP addresses is the desire to define the client profile. Except this, the IP addresses of the clients may be also used in relation to the desire to form demographic information and statistical data. However, any of the information used is not shared with any third persons and Kalkan Vacationin this issue commits that it shall protect such information. And in the case where the above mentioned probabilities occur, the firm does not assume any responsibility and it does not have any connection with the arising material damages.

The confidential information such as your phone number, credit card and password are protected with SSL protocol coding system (Impossible to be Decoded) while being transferred over the Internet.